Quality Windows Can Save You Money

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Older and badly fitted windows can make it very easy for issues to occur in your home, as they don’t provide the insulation against the elements that more energy efficient and modern windows can. Over time this can result in condensation levels in your home increasing which can cause damp and other problems. It also means that your house isn’t as well insulated as it could be, as drafts will be able to get into your home. 

A quick and cheap fix can deal with the problem, such as adding plastic film to the glass or, depending on the type of window frame, using various caulks (acrylic latex, siliconised latex, silicone or polyurethane) on the inside and the outside of the window to help seal it. The problem with this though is it’s only a temporary solution as these substances will, over time, wear down with the effect of outside weather conditions and soon the unwanted drafts and condensation will find their way back into your home. You’ll soon start to notice the temperature change again and your cooling unit or heaters will have start working harder, so for a permanent fix there realistically is no other option but to seriously think about replacing your windows.

It’s well worth considering upgrading to modern energy efficient windows to protect yourself in cooler, damper weather and during the hot summers.

It may seem a costly outlay initially compared to those quick fixes but as time goes on you’ll soon see and feel a great deal of the benefits and you’ll certainly save money in the long run. 

There’s also a noticeable noise reduction as quality thicker windows will filter out noise pollution and make your home much quieter for you.

Plus your wallet will thank you, as better insulation means less cold air getting in or out so you’ll be spending much less year on year on your heating or air conditioning bills.

Image of sliding doors and wood floor

A final and important note after considering all of this, is to make sure that you employ a fully licensed installer to fit your windows, as having them poorly installed negates all the money you have spent on them, plus it can mean that they won’t operate properly. If for example, a bad fitting makes it harder to operate then, over time, slamming it open and closed affects it’s integrity, durability and energy efficiency, as it wont be as airtight as it should be.