What’s so smart about Smart Lighting?

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Smart Lighting is becoming very popular and lots of households are making the switch. It’s a simple but effective way to update your home and make it look more modern. Smart home technology is really easy to use – the bulbs wirelessly connect with either a supplied remote control or an app on your smartphone which means you can control your lighting with a quick tap and if they’re connected to the internet, means you don’t even have to be at home to do it!

Some systems connect directly to your remote and more advanced ones with a central hub over wifi. There are a few different systems so make sure all are compatible before you buy.

In the last year alone, they’ve become a lot more visible on the market and are now even easier to get hold of.

The main reasons that smart lighting is becoming so popular is the different colour options, security features and the environmentally friendly aspect.


With the higher end systems, there are literally millions of colours that you can play around with, as well as various hues to create a warmer or cooler feel for any room, so you can change the colour of the room to suit your mood. A warm golden yellow to create a cosy living room, or blue for a cooler look or even red and green for a Christmas feel! 

You can also dim the lights up and down depending if you’re reading, working or watching TV.

It’s also great fun for children as you keep them entertained by playing around with the colours in their bedrooms and create something different whenever you want!


With some systems you can time your lights to come on at sunset so you can be sat engrossed in your favourite show in the evening and the room will automatically light up without you having to reach for the light switch. This is great from a security point of view as it means they’ll be set to do this when you’re away so it looks like you’re still at home. Some also have scheduling features so you can set them to come on and off at other times of the day, for the same reason. It also means you can come back to a home that’s already lit up so you wont have to scrabble around for the light switch when you walk in with an armful of bags!

You can also get outside lighting for your garden and driveway which are motion sensing and can also notify your phone if they come at unexpected times.


All the bulbs are LED which means they are much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to the older type bulbs. This is because they use a lot less power than a traditional lightbulb and last a lot longer – good for your wallet and good for the environment. They’re also more durable and although you have to pay more than the traditional bulb up front, their durability means that you’ll save in the long run. 

You can see how much energy you’re using as the data gets sent to the app on your phone so you can keep a proper track of it and see what your output levels are and check that you’re doing your bit for the environment. 

So you can have fun and get creative with your lighting, improve your security and help the environment – What’s not to like!