Improve air quality with Drimaster-Eco Range

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Nuaire’s Drimaster-Eco range of positive input ventilation solutions uses proven technology that will cure your damp problems and improve your indoor air quality.

On average, our systems are as little as one penny per day to run and will ventilate your entire property without denting your bank balance.

The range offers multiple health benefits. The unit reduces humidity levels throughout the home, preventing mould growth and helps control dust-mite allergens which is great news for allergy sufferers. Even better news is that indoor and outdoor pollutants such as traffic fumes, harmful Radon gas, and cooking and cleaning toxins are removed from the air leaving you with a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

How does the Drimaster-Eco improve the air?

Drimaster-Eco is the name of the popular Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) range. PIV is a technology Nuaire invented over 45 years ago and today it’s still the only known cure for condensation dampness.

PIV is simple in design but revolutionary in its success at preventing and curing condensation in new and older homes.

The process involves drawing fresh air from outside into a fan located in the ventilated loft space where it is filtered before being passed through a modern, centrally located ceiling diffuser.

Continuously supplying fresh, filtered air through the home the humid stale air is forced out through the natural leakage points at a rate of 20 air changes per day. This process cures condensation and expels allergens and pollutants from the air. Strong odours such as cooking smells are removed leaving you with a healthy indoor air quality.