What to Know When Buying an Older Home

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Buying an older home comes with plus points – the main one being quality. Older homes were built to last so more time and attention to detail was taken when building them, as a result they tend to have a longer lasting value and a durable structure that todays new builds tend not to have. 

They also come with their own issues though, that new builds don’t.

Old fashioned methods of heating, plumbing, wiring, insulation and roofing can lead to costly repairs as contractors, engineers, inspectors will be needed to carry out refits and fixes.

Renovating an old home can take many months, even years to complete as some if not all parts of the house will require a complete remodel so be prepared to have the finances in place to take care of this.

However older homes have more character, historical features and a romantic feel to them such as wooden beams and floorboards, big fireplaces, and solid, well crafted features that can’t really be fully replicated in a modern home. 

Theres no reason though why you can’t create a unique and elegant look by blending the old with the new and end up with a beautiful home where the the two complement each other.

For example, exposing original brickwork, beams or flooring in certain areas and mixing them in with clean and crisp tiled modern bathrooms or kitchens can be really eye catching and give it the feel of a unique designer home, while also maintaining the warmth and character that older houses benefit from.