How to Improve Your Home Security

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Your home is your sanctuary, your place to relax and to spend time with your loved ones. It’s important to have peace of mind and know that you are safe and secure when you are in it and when you are away from it. Here’s a few ideas on ways to improve your home security.


As much as you want your front door to look nice and stylish and match your house, you should really be thinking about security first. Wooden doors can look good but can weaken over time by warping in heat and rain if not treated properly. Although steel doors are perhaps not as visually appealing, they are much more secure than wood and can be painted in any colour to key in with your home. Reinforced door frames, fixing new hinges and adding new locks such as a dead lock can improve the security on any door.


Often, older windows aren’t as strong or sturdy as the newer ones on the market today. Take a look at our top quality Wintech windows, for both security with reinforced glass and energy efficiency. Strong locks can also be fitted on them as well as shutters, especially for windows at ground level.

Ensuring they have strong handles with properly fitted locks will be off putting to any unwanted visitors.

Garage Door

Try not to have too much in there on display. Try as best as you can to keep it tidy and use it for your car! Have it on a sensor so that only you can open and close it – again anything that looks tricky to get into is a major deterrent for thieves. Make sure the door is in good condition, opens and shuts properly and isn’t warped due to exposure to the elements. If there are problems with it and it’s difficult to open or close, then you should seriously consider replacing it, or increase security with extra locks or use a high tech security system. You can now even use your phone to open and close it!

Patios Doors & Sliding Doors

Sliding doors or glass doors are a popular option to have at the back of the house as they let in light and look good in terms of design – plus they give easy access to your balcony or garden. It’s important to make sure they are as secure as your front door, as this can also be an access point for someone, so think of security in the same way here as you would your front door. Older doors can have weak glass frames and poor locking systems, so can be easy targets. Reinforce these points of entry with modern frames and strong locks, or again if you feel the need, replace them completely.

Security Lights

It’s always important to keep your house well lit so there are no dark corners – yet another deterrent against burglars. You’ll also feel safer too and be less at risk of tripping up when you’re coming home at night. Motion sensors and timed lights are a great way to save energy, instead of having outside lights constantly on that can suddenly light up on any outside movement. Check the sensor sensitivity though as you don’t want the neighbour’s cat waking you up at all hours!

Internet connected lights are becoming more popular now. These are great for when you are away, as it gives the impression that you’re still at home and you can set your lights as needed to come on at sunset, etc.

Lastly, there’s also lots of very good quality and inexpensive security cameras and alarm systems that you can buy in most home improvements stores and online. Some can be easily installed. They can be connected to your internet, so you can monitor it from wherever you are with your smartphone.

Some of the options above vary in price but it’s always worth remembering that they will often be less expensive than the cost of an actual break in, so bear that in mind next time you think about any security improvements.

When you can, have a check around your house and look over your doors and windows to see if there is anything that you could do.  Even if you cant do it all at once – it’s better to do something or take the first steps, then to do nothing at all. A secure home is a happy home!