About Us

Why Humedad Control?

We are a family business with 35 years of experience across all aspects of the building construction industry.

We have a strong team of professionals with many years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of building construction from the foundations up. From fitting kitchens or bathrooms, rebuilds or extensions to complete house renovations, we can take care of any of your restructuring or building needs.

Over the years we’ve found that in a number of our construction projects there was additional need to control and manage humidity and damp issues. This led us to finding an innovative solution which we are now proud to supply and install in the Andalusian region.

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What is Positive Input Ventilation?

Dri-Master airflow diagram

A positive input ventilation (PIV) system is a motorised unit that can be installed in your house or apartment. It draws air from the outside, filters it of impurities and pollutants, and uses positive pressure to circulate the air through the home.

  • Constant Fresh Air

    It ensures a constant flow of fresh filtered air, regardless of the conditions in or outside the house.

  • Removes Pollutants

    A PIV system can prevent the less-visible, but still unhealthy build-up of moisture and pollutants in your home.

  • Low Energy Use

    A good quality PIV unit will run on a low-energy motor that has low running costs.

  • Trusted

    Trusted by social housing providers, new build developers and private landlords as a cost-effective system that prevents condensation and mould from damaging occupant's homes and health.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) was introduced to us originally as a result of a family member suffering from bronchitis and respiratory problems.

After discovering there was a damp issue in the home and trying various techniques to solve it –  which all failed, the only solution that cured the problem was installing a PIV system. After seeing the results, we decided to get involved and offer purchase and installation of PIV systems and have been very happy with our customer feedback over the years.

We have direct experience of the problem and evidence of a proven solution. Humedad Control is the best choice for Positive Input Ventilation systems. 

Our construction projects will always consider humidity control as we have seen the countless ways that mould infestation and damp issues can affect houses and harm the health of your family. Why spend time, effort and money on building your perfect home without taking into consideration the affect that damp and humidity issues could have on it in years to come? 

We believe that everyone should be able to breathe clean filtered air in their home. Using patented technology, a simple but effective proven system can easily be installed, to eliminate mould and to provide clean filtered fresh air throughout your home.


This has definitely helped with my asthma. It especially made a difference in the winter.